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Set your clock on "island time" and dedicate yourself to the important things in life:

friends, family and the great outdoors.

The Majorsgrund region is one of the sunniest destinations in Finland with over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year - ideal conditions to explore this fascinating place.

Majorsgrund has various water sports equipment including SUP boards, kayaks, fishing gear and a4 hp boat.
And the fun continues on the island: Would you like to find your inner balance on yoga mats or your body balance on the slackline, archery, swimming or snoozing in front of the campfire?
Our idyllic island offers something for every taste.

No Finnish island would be complete without a sauna house, and neither Finnish sauna would be complete without a dip in the refreshingly cold water. You can't beat doing this right from your private Robinson Island.

Drone View

Sleeping in a tree tent

A special experience for young and old - you rarely get closer to nature. Our tentsile tree tents can be booked on request.


Prepare flambéed salmon over the campfire

"Loimulohi", in English flame salmon,

is a delicacy in Finland.

Here you can local buy the salmon

and you prepare it so easily.

The required device is available to guests free of charge.



Finnish national hobby.

Fishing equipment is available for our guests free of charge. Before you start please acquire your permit here:


Enjoy the sunset

In our chilled Reggae Bar you can not only watch the sunset wonderfully - but also have a cold beer or one of the world's best gins.

Suitable music you find here.


Stand Up Paddle

Keep your balance and circle the island in less than 15 minutes.

Guests can use the Stand Up Paddle for free.


Midnight sun

These colors....a very special feeling when the sun doesn't go down in summer.

Find out when midsummer is celebrated here.



Find inner peace & breathe deeply. What better place to do that than in the middle of nature.

Finland is known for its fresh air




In addition to archery, badminton or Mölki; more board games are available.

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